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Decoration accessories

Ethic & Tropic Mask Chunga Hosig Di
Mask Chunga Hosig Di
This unique mask is designed and handmade by the women from the Embera and Wounaan tribes with the "chunga" palm. These Hosing Di basket masks from Panama can take serval months. And the larger, more complicated designs, even a year or more.
Cote bougie Scented candle
Scented candle
Scented candle of 100% cotton wick- Mint Tea. This handcrafted ceramics are rustic and characterized by irregular shapes and colors that make each of them a unique piece. Scented Candle pottery tamegrout in a signature green shade.
The Dharma Door Tapestry with Natural Tassels
Tapestry with Natural Tassels
Introduce warmth and texture to your walls with our wall hanging. Crafted from natural jute, this large tassel wall hanging will add a layer of softness and depth to your decor.
Nordal Rattan jewelry box
Rattan jewelry box
A beautiful and decorative jewelry box made of rattan and with glass lid.
Divided into 6 small compartments covered with soft velvet in grey color.
Cote bougie Scented candle mandarin
Scented candle mandarin
Côté Bougie has joined forces with a women’s cooperative in Essaouira for the work of raffia. Thus, this collaboration allows the women of the region to come out of isolation and participate in their emancipation.Olfactory pyramid Mandarine Majorelle
Cotton machee bowl
Cotton machee bowl
Beautiful bowl made of cotton machee. Circularity at its best. This bowl is made from all leftovers from the textile industry.
Urban Nature Culture - UNC Mirror Shizu L
Mirror Shizu L
Embrace imperfections with Urban Nature Culture's Shizu floor mirror. Crafted from mango wood, its organic 3D shape breathes life into walls. With a golden oak finish, this mirror radiates warmth, inviting positive transformations.
Nordal Ras pepper/salt mill black
Ras pepper/salt mill black
This salt and pepper mill is from Nordal's new AW23 collection. The Nordal Ras pepper/salt mill is made of acacia wood. The mill can be used for both salt and pepper.
Size: height 20cm, Ø6cm.
The Dharma Door Rani Basket- Medium
Rani Basket- Medium
This basket has been crafted with care using thick hand-twisted natural jute, by talented women artisans in a village community in Bangladesh. The final basket is sewn together in a small Fair Trade production centre.
The Dharma Door Amua Palm Leaf Tapestry
Amua Palm Leaf Tapestry
Layer upon layer of handmade palm leaf fringe creates a unique, meticulously woven piece. Amua Wall Hanging brings a fusion of tribal and tropical textures to your interior.
Ethic & Tropic Mask Chunga
Mask Chunga
This unique piece is handmade with the "chunga" palm. This mask is designed and handmade by the women from the Embera and Wounaan tribes. These masks, originally used by shamans, come directly from the Central American rainforest.
Urban Nature Culture - UNC Pedestal Bulb
Pedestal Bulb
Introducing the Pedestal Bulb – a stunning fusion of artistry and nature. Crafted from exquisite Mahogany wood by skilled Indonesian artisans, this piece is a testament to the seamless blend of ancient traditions and contemporary design.
Ethic & Tropic Mask CHIBIGI
Ethic & Tropic crafts masks with care. Artisans use sustainable materials and traditional techniques to create eco-friendly, stylish face coverings. Each mask is a blend of ethics and tropical flair, making safety a fashion statement.
The Dharma Door Trio of Round Baskets - Natural
Trio of Round Baskets - Natural
This handwoven trio of baskets has been crafted by Fair Trade artisans in a rural village community of Bangladesh. The women first plait long strands of blonde jute, coil them and then hand stitch each row to the next with a needle and thread.
The Dharma Door Basket Duo
Basket Duo
The Small Sona Square Basket Duo doubles as functional storage and beautiful woven texture for your home.This handy woven basket duo is handcrafted with natural hand-twisted jute talented Fair Trade artisans in a small village community of Bangladesh.