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People of The Sun Malawi Chair
Malawi Chair
TinekHome Bamboo lounge chair/white cushion
Bamboo lounge chair/white cushion
Magnificent Outdoor Bamboo Chair with White Cushion from TinekHome. 55x87xh45/80cm
Athezza Venda armchair
Venda armchair
Unique 100% jute armchair. The venda armchair is a eye catcher for your interior
TinekHome Bamboo lounge chair 76 x 76 x H 70 cm
Bamboo lounge chair 76 x 76 x H 70 cm
This is a lounge chair made of the natural material bamboo. The lounge chair is made in a simple Scandinavian design with beautiful straight lines made. This makes the chair easy to integrate into the decor, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
Athezza Chair Girl Chaise
Chair Girl Chaise
Elegant shaped chair in rotan look. Beautiful both for indoor or outdoor use
Armchair 65x70x 35/70
Armchair 65x70x 35/70
Terry cotton armchair 65x70x 35/70,a piece with a lot of personality that will bring a unique touch to your decoration!!