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Affari of Sweden

Affari of Sweden’s journey began in 1998 when its three founders were united by a vision to offer true craftsmanship through exciting materials and colours. Business started with manufacturing candles, and the COTÉ NORD collection is still a proud part of their brand.

The product range has evolved since then, and today they are proud to offer a wide range of collections created through knowledge and tradition.


Their vision is:

"To inspire a unique feeling in every room, for every occasion."

They aim to do this by offering timeless designs created through knowledge and tradition, that last for generations.

One of their most important sources of inspiration comes from their travels around the world when they meet local craftspeople. They are inspired by the people, food, colours and cultures. They are challenged to recycle and create novel items from old objects and traditions that they experience along the way. It is in these out-of-the ordinary encounters that they find unique products for every occasion that form the foundation of their new collections. 

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