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l for more than 25 years we, the team at Household Hardware , make the most beautiful products for everyday life when it comes to living, living, eating and drinking. Everyday products that make every day just a little less ordinary.

Our love for-, and inspiration from Morocco goes far, very far. We take new designs to our own ateliers in and around Marrakech, and each time we are surprised by the ancient techniques, which are used for our new collections. And time after time, every single product that comes out of the atelier is slightly more subtle, rougher, more robust or softer than we had imagined. That is what makes each piece a work of art in its own right, artisanal and unique in its own way.

Household Hardware sells a handmade collection of seating, from stool and footstool to lamp and lounge sofa, most of which is made from natural and/or recycled materials. By combining our deep love for Morocco with our down-to-earth mentality, we have created our own timeless style . This ensures that our collections now have evergreens and there are always keepers to come. The use of natural colors definitely helps with this. Each new collection seamlessly connects to the previous one.

Our mattress cushions have also become indispensable. Every season a new fabric is added, which combines perfectly with the existing cushions.

Householdhardware Handmade Tadelakt lamp
Handmade Tadelakt lamp
These handmade pendant lights are made of terracotta and coated with Tadelakt. Tadelakt is a waterproof gloss plaster based on a natural slaked lime. The pendant lamps are handmade giving them a rough and natural texture