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The Dharma Door

The Dharma Door Tapestry with Natural Tassels
Tapestry with Natural Tassels
Introduce warmth and texture to your walls with our wall hanging. Crafted from natural jute, this large tassel wall hanging will add a layer of softness and depth to your decor.
The Dharma Door Natural jute basket
Natural jute basket
Whether you are looking for a practical and stylish vessel to hold your worn clothes, seeking something beautiful to house your favourite potted plant or storing your children's toys, this basket is sure to add functional texture to your home.
The Dharma Door Amua Palm Leaf Tapestry
Amua Palm Leaf Tapestry
Layer upon layer of handmade palm leaf fringe creates a unique, meticulously woven piece. Amua Wall Hanging brings a fusion of tribal and tropical textures to your interior.
The Dharma Door Jute basket
Jute basket
The beautiful rustic exterior fabric is a combination of naturally-dyed brown jute and natural jute. Lined with a soft hand-loomed natural cotton,the Boda Basket is suitable for the softest clothing and special treasures.
The Dharma Door Jute Lari basket
Jute Lari basket
The Lari Basket - Large is one half of the ideal pair of baskets to introduce natural texture to your home. Strong enough for your favourite potted plant, yet soft enough for storage in the bedroom, bathroom or playroom.
The Dharma Door Basket Duo
Basket Duo
The Small Sona Square Basket Duo doubles as functional storage and beautiful woven texture for your home.This handy woven basket duo is handcrafted with natural hand-twisted jute talented Fair Trade artisans in a small village community of Bangladesh.
The Dharma Door Trio of Round Baskets - Natural
Trio of Round Baskets - Natural
This handwoven trio of baskets has been crafted by Fair Trade artisans in a rural village community of Bangladesh. The women first plait long strands of blonde jute, coil them and then hand stitch each row to the next with a needle and thread.
The Dharma Door Jumbo Jute Fringe Wall Hanging
Jumbo Jute Fringe Wall Hanging
This amazing wall hanging is handmade - from start to finish - by skilled Fair Trade artisans in remote rural communities of Bangladesh. 100x145cm
The Dharma Door Jute Tray Basket
Jute Tray Basket
ur Small Jute Baskets are the perfect way to settle both storage and style. Crafted from natural blonde jute, these handwoven pieces will add purposeful texture and character to your decor.
The Dharma Door Rani Basket- Medium
Rani Basket- Medium
This basket has been crafted with care using thick hand-twisted natural jute, by talented women artisans in a village community in Bangladesh. The final basket is sewn together in a small Fair Trade production centre.
The Dharma Door Kariba Lamp
Kariba Lamp