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Tina vaia

Tina Vaia is a British spatial and brand design specialist, living in Valencia and working globally. Tina specialises in creating transformative, beautiful environments that bring to life a brand’s ethos, often to showcase desirable products. Working for many years in the worlds of fashion and architecture, Tina’s extensive knowledge and expertise informs her design, development and production process. Focusing on the physical aspects of brand experience, Tina works closely with her clients at the highest level, often directly with creative directors, to develop a tangible manifestation of brand codes and DNA.
Furthermore, she has access to a world-class network of collaborators that she has built throughout her career, allowing her to bring in specific and unique expertise when necessary. Her understanding of commerce and culture in the retail environment transcends bricks and mortar; her approach can span all touch  points, working in sync with a brand’s digital needs and identity to create a cohesive, distinctive and elevated brand aesthetic. Her work includes developing and producing interiors, retail showrooms, fashion presentations, pop-up stores, creative window concepts and more Tina’s playful yet intentional sense of space and colour is second to none. 

Her work carries the warmth of human touch, while her execution is elegant and meticulous.  Tina’s expertise has been sought out by some of the world’s most desirable luxury brands including Prada, Loewe, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Joyce Hong Kong and many more. She works globally and has a deep understanding of certain markets, having lived in Europe, America and Asia throughout her career. She has been instrumental in refreshing, rebranding and repositioning several major global brands through her elevated spatial design.
Innovative and intuitive,

Tina is an adept creative problem solver and has led expert teams all over the world to implement her concepts. She is renowned for bringing a personal touch to global corporations through her work. Brands love to work with Tina, not only for her expertise but for her calm, professional demeanor.

Tina is also a passionate collector of beautiful, extraordinary objects. For her, sourcing is a personal pleasure. Her curation of objects for a specific space is a valued service in itself.

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