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Valentina Hoyos

A simple gesture, the fascination it effects, the calm it bestows; this is the beginning, without noticing, slowly, in no hurry, with no defined horizon or path : a craft is woven.

Over thirty years learning from women and men from different places and cultures: indigenous people, farmers, associations… discovering, sharing, and creating together. Thanks to them, and sometimes despite them, we are here…

The products offered are the fruit of a long search, with failures, improvement, doubts, success, and much hard work.

We use natural materials found in the environment, and native seeds, avoiding chemicals in their cultivation and process of elaboration. Simplicity and refinement are choices that reveal a way of being in the world, of respecting and taking care of the planet.

This vision also embraces those who work and produce these objects. This is a defense of a mode of production, and of fair payment that allows these people to live a dignified life in their craft.

Achieving this will not be easy. The path is a long one, and it demands of us clarity in our actions and a persevering spirit.

Valentina Hoyos Bamboo suspension  handmade 90x43
Bamboo suspension handmade 90x43
Bamboo lamp by Valentina Hoyos, For 30 years Valentina Hoyos has been creating beautiful garments woven with plants from Colombia.