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5 tips to create an Ibiza look at home

29 Aug 2023
by Martine

5 tips to create an ibiza look at home

Creating an Ibiza-inspired look in your home can add a fresh and relaxed atmosphere, and it doesn't have to be difficult at all. Here are our five points to achieve this style:

  1. Color palette and materials:
    Choose a light and airy color palette with white and neutral tones as a base. Add to this some vibrant colors such as turquoise, blue and soft pink. Use natural materials like wicker, bamboo, light woods and raw fabrics like linen and cotton for an organic look.
  2. Bohemian furniture and accessories:
    Go for furniture with a bohemian look, such as textured poufs, beanbags, wooden benches and vintage pieces. Add cushions and blankets with ethnic patterns and fringes for a touch of playfulness. Hang Macramé wall hangings or curtains to create an artistic atmosphere.
  3. Carefree decor:
    Keep the interior light and airy. Minimize excessive decoration and opt for a simple, casual style. Leave spaces open and avoid too much clutter. Place some plant elements such as pots of succulents or hanging plants to emphasize the natural look.
  4. Beach influences:
    Integrate elements reminiscent of the sea and the beach. These can include shells, driftwood, seashell candles, and beach stones. Hang artwork that represents the ocean, such as photos of palm trees, beaches and sunsets.
  5. Soft lighting and outdoor living:
    Use soft, muted lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Hang string lights, lanterns and candles to add warmth and romance. If you have outdoor space, furnish it with comfortable lounge areas, hammocks and a dining table to enhance the overall Ibiza experience.

By following these five points, you can create a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere in your home reminiscent of the free and carefree nature of Ibiza. Want to get started right away? Then take a look at our products to order unique & beautiful items right away!

With love,

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