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Linen: how it's made

4 Apr 2024
by Martine

How is linen made?

At Home by Auk, we're passionate about linen. Its texture, colors, and feel make it a favorite material for both our interiors and wardrobe, especially in the Spanish heat. So today, we tell you the origins and production of this beautiful fabric!

Origins: Linen traces its roots back to the flax plant, adapted for millennia in the Eastern Mediterranean. European countries like Belgium, France, and Ireland still lead in linen fiber production, thanks to their ideal climate and soil conditions.

Cultivation: The process from flax to linen begins in the fields. Farmers sow flax seeds in spring, tending to the resilient plants with minimal pesticides and water, ensuring sustainable textile production.

Harvesting and Retting: After around 100 days, mature flax plants are harvested, yielding both fiber and seeds. Through retting, the stems are exposed to the elements, allowing natural processes to break down pectin and separate fibers from the stalks.

Scutching and Hackling: Next, the fibers undergo scutching, where dried stalks are beaten to release them. Hackling further refines the fibers by combing out impurities, leaving behind smooth strands ready for spinning.

Spinning and Weaving: While hand spinning was traditional (remember the spinning weel from disney?), modern machinery now twists flax fibers into yarn for weaving. The result? Linen fabric renowned for breathability, durability and beauty.

Linen has endless posibilities. Its texture is perfect for various products, including clothing, home textiles, and industrial uses.

So, are you sold on linen?
We certainly are! Linen isn't just a fabric, it's a tale of cultivation, craftsmanship, and elegance. Its timeless beauty stands for understated luxury.

It's a lifestyle choice, where you choose for sustainability, sophistication, and comfort. 

So, treat yourself on the allure of linen and shop here.

With love,
Home by Auk

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